cabañas time outCabañas Time Out was developed, designed and constructed by Phil Melanson. His vision was to create a place in Santa Catalina for people who enjoy the outdoors, diving, surfing and the beauty of nature but appreciate coming back after a day on the waves to a comfortable environment, something that makes being in paradise just a little bit better. Sometimes you don’t feel like roughing it.

You’ll find the touches of comfort in every part of our hotel from the AC in the rooms to the freshwater swimming pool. Further, you’ll notice the concept of comfort in action as you witness the level of service we deliver to our guests. We do not believe in the common local phrase “no hay,” (not here). Our goal is to provide high quality accommodations, superior service so that your time here exceeds your expectations.

Cabañas Time Out was designed to maintain the natural beauty of the land and the vistas. Specifically important, was creating a place where privacy could be maintained without destroying the social aspect many people enjoy while on vacation.

All of the buildings are constructed from local, natural materials, with environmental concerns at the forefront. Inside each Cabaña all of the furniture and cabinetry is custom built from locally grown teak.

cabañas time outWhy “Time Out?”

Overlooking the bluff is a circular bohio. Under the palm roof you’ll find a couple of hammocks. This is the essence of “Time Out.” We believe that everything, from the moment you pass through our entry gates, is a sanctuary for relaxation. Our resort is meant to be a break from it all, time out from the traffic, the bills, the news and all the hassle.


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