Clever Things to Do with Fallen Tree Branches and Tree Stump

What is more beautiful and utilizable than trees? In many years, people have used trees for different purposes: from building churches, cathedrals, up to making papers and books. However, in recent years, we have become passive of their utility that most of us would choose to disregard some important parts of them. Take for instance, the trees that you cut in your lawn or in your backyard. Most homeowners would tend to choose to toss away the cutt stumps and branches that can still be utilized for making different home projects.

If you have a problem in your yard, stump removal Greenville, SC can be of great service for you. But to make things more productive and beneficial, do not discard your stumps, but rather use them for different purposes in the house.

Here are some ways you can recycle tree stumps of the cut trees into beautiful home objects:

1.Flower Planter from a tree stump

One of the easiest ways to recycle your tree stumps is to use them for planting flowers, plants, and/or herbs. The stump can be used vertically or horizontally, with some potting soil and woodchips to help the pants and herbs stay moist and fresh. If you are a fan of succulents, they are perfect to plant in tree stump too, as they do not require regular watering than the typical plants.

2.Mosaic table from a tree stump

If you are into art and like painting or designing, you can experiment with your tree stumps and create some beautiful wooden tables. Also, if paints do not suffice, and painting is not your expertise, you can opt for a tiles table instead. All you need are small pieces of tiles (preferably broken) and some glue to attach the tiles onto the surface of the stump. You can even use the old ceramic dishes that you no longer use to make the mosaic.

3.Candle-holders from small branches and tree stumps

You can use tree branches or small stumps with tea light candles to make rustic and c look. This is very beautiful to create and perfect for moments that are special like a dinner date at home or a romantic picnic in the garden.

4.A birdbath from an unpulled tree stump

This is one of the easiest things to make out of tree stump. Al you need to do is to choose a good saucer of an appropriate size and to make sure that the stump is sanded on the top. This will create another great design to your garden – not adding giving the birds a free bath!

5.Tree branch hanger from branches

By using a fallen branch, you can have a free and cheap hanger. All you need is to paint them (preferably) and put it on the wall.

There are still many things you can do out of your tree stumps and branches. You may consider creating the following:

  • Tree stump clock from a tree stump
  • Plant markers made of branches
  • Sitting stools made of tree stumps
  • Small wood shelf
  • Candleholder out of tree stumps

You can also be creative and think of other home projects.